Dear Godlike friends,

Pranams. Loving Greetings. Namaste.

May the Supreme Teacher, through His incarnations in the Human Form and personalities, the Gurus, inspire us with His love, guidance, and protection and remove obstacles from the path of our endeavors for Self Realization. Self Realization is the source of all joys, and light of knowledge and only then we can get the answers to all questions. However, let us not be imprisoned by the snares of endless questions and answers. Intellectual, verbal and ritual procedures, cannot reveal the Truth, the SAT CHIT ANANDA, is the ultimate ANSWER. Only sincere practice of Kriya Yoga can help us to realize the Truth, the ultimate answer. Only practice can make perfect.

Guidance by the Masters or the Gurus is necessary. This is more true in spiritual seeking. Having a Guru is of the greatest help in overcoming the bondage of the ego. Ego, the sense of I, Me, and Mine, is the only factor, which effectively cuts down the power of understanding of all beings and prevents the higher powers of the mind. As a result, the person cannot go beyond the mind to the state of Meditation. Also, God is described as One in all and All in One. The Ego confines the person to the One, individualistic, watertight, airtight compartment only. Hence the idea of One in All and All in One, cannot take root. So, the very process of having a Guru and following him sincerely in the right spirit shatters the limiting and constricting wall of the ego. Only then one can meditate and realize the Truth, Here and Beyond, and, Beyond and Here. With this spirit, one should study the Bhagavad Gita and practice Kriya Yoga. Armed with this weapon, one can overcome all obstacles on the way to Self Realization.

With Love and Best Wishes,

Paramahansa Atmananda ji