दण्डो दमयतामस्मि नीतिरस्मि जिगीषताम् |
मौनं चैवास्मि गुह्यानां ज्ञानं ज्ञानवतामहम् ||38||

Dandah Damayataam Asmi Neetih Asmi Jigeesatam
Mounam Ch Eba Asmi Guhyaanaam Gnyaanam Gnyaanaavataam Aham

(The Bhagavad Gita Chapter10 Verse38)

General Meaning:

Of the controllers, I am the Controlling Power. I am the Right Policy of the people desirous of victory. Of all the secrets, I am the Silence of all the scholars, I am the Knowledge.


The creative power of God is known as the Creator. The sustaining and maintaining Energy of God is known as the Maintainer. The dissolution energy of God is known as the Destroyer. These three are the source of all the energies, minor and major. The origin and source of all energies can be traced back to the one and the only one, the spirit, God. This is what Krishna is describing in detail in this and other verses of this chapter. It is pure unadulterated, impartial Energy. The differentiation appears to be with different uses of the same power. Nothing exists which is not God’s Energy. The ordinary restless mind does not realize it. Sincere yogis with faith, through right meditation, realize this in their hearts and go beyond all sufferings. If one can realize this, is God everywhere always. He feels God all the time and God feels him all the time.

With Love & Humbleness,
Paramahansa Atmanandaji