यदेवेह तदमुत्र यदमुत्र तदन्विह ।
मृत्योः स मृत्युमाप्नोति य इह नानेव पश्यति ॥ १० ॥

yadewayha tadamutra yadamutra tadanwiha
mrutyoh sa mrutyumaapnoti ya iha naaneba pashyati

Kathopanishad Verse 2.1.10

That All Mighty, All-Knowing, Formless, yet Totality of all forms, the cause of all causes, Param Brahmam, Supreme Being is present everywhere on this and on this earth. Also, He is there in the Heavens and all other worlds. That Supreme, who is there, is present here too. That one and the only Supreme Being, God is abiding in all the universes and worlds.

That person, who sees, these appearances in endless different names and forms, due to ignorance and imagines multiplicity, falls a victim to endless cycles of birth and death. He cannot easily escape from the clutches of repeated cycles of Birth, disease, decay, and death. So, therefore, one should firmly and with strong inner conviction, should understand that the one and only one Supreme Being, God, with his unimaginable, power and glory, manifests in various, different names and forms.

This whole creation is pervaded both inside and outside by that Supreme Soul. And hence, all these and those, are forms of the formless, His manifestations.

With Love and Oneness
Paramhansa Atmananda Ji