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Kriya Yoga Introduction Class Appointment

We are happy to offer you the opportunity to join the Kriya Yoga introduction class in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Address: Kriya Yoga Meditation Hall, Brouwersgracht 270 A, 1013 HG, Amsterdam

Every Thursday of the second and last week of the month, we offer the possibility of Kriya Yoga Intoduction Class

Duration: 40 Minutes (19:30 – 20:10)

If you are interested, send an email request for further details to :
The Yogacharya
Kriya Yoga Nederland

Please mention the following in your email:
– Name:
– Address:
– Why do you want to learn Kriya Yoga?
– Your expectations from Kriya Yoga?

Our Address: Kriya Yoga Nederland, Brouwersgracht 270 A ,1013 HG Amsterdam
The Netherlands