यथोर्णनाभिः सृजते गृह्णते च यथा पृथिव्यामोषधयः संभवन्ति ।
यथा सतः पुरुषात्केशलोमानि तथाऽक्षरात्संभवतीह विश्वम् ॥ ७ ॥

jathaa oorna na bhih srujatay gruhanatay ch jathaa pruthibyam ousadhayah sambha banti
jathaa satah purusaat kesh lomaani tathaa akhyaraat sam bhabatee havishwam

Mundako Upanishad Verse 1.1.7

As the spider brings out its thread from within itself and also withdraws it into itself, as herbs and plants come out of the earth and as hairs and nails come out of man, similarly all the beings of the worlds and the universe and the whole creation, come out of the Indestructible, un-manifest Supreme Being.

With Love and Oneness
Paramhansa Atmananda Ji


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