That so-called yoga, which does not give rise to love for God or faith in God, is neither true yoga nor real yoga. If one practices real yoga correctly and sincerely, feelings of love for God will surely arise in the heart and mind. The desires, cravings, anger, hostility, hatred, greed, jealousy, and, all negative mental attitudes, gradually come under control and disappear. Therefore this Kriya Yoga is considered the best and most genuine Yoga practice. One can feel and realize divine love and spirituality within oneself. This enables the spiritual seeker, the student of Yoga, to develop and feel noble feelings and feel the love everywhere outside too.

If one has not developed sincerity and urge to know and feel God (the soul, the spirit), within oneself, then no amount of visiting holy places, and going on innumerable pilgrimages is neither going to help nor will it do any good. No separate and special efforts and labor is needed to develop faith and zeal, a positive attitude, love and devotion, and spiritual knowledge. Of course, these can also be developed by special and separate efforts. But these will be temporary, not permanent.

But, practicing Kriya Pranayama nicely and correctly and with faith and zeal, these spiritual qualities and experiences can be attained automatically and these will be permanent too. This permanent love and devotion for God is pure love and devotion and this is permanent knowledge and experience and is also special spiritual knowledge. The greatness and benefits of this Kriya Pranayam are such that if it can be done properly, then in one stroke all negative and evil propensities will go away, and in its place will come all Saattwik and positive qualities.

These cannot be achieved by the mind or mental effort or willpower. Then this will not be the genuine renunciation of evil and negative forces, because the restlessness of the mind is not banished, genuine renunciation is not possible. Hence by the correct and intense practice of Kriya Pranayam or Praana Karma, one has to go beyond mind and intellect. Thus one goes successfully beyond desires. This is real renunciation.

He reminds us all:
As food is absolutely necessary to remove hunger for a starving and hungry person, similarly Kriya Yoga in general, and Kriya Pranayam, in particular, is absolutely necessary for a person who is seeking liberation or Self Realization.

With Love and Oneness
Paramhansa Atmananda Ji